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Issues with clutch

Posted: Sun Mar 06, 2022 9:55 am
by debjoan
I have had my Bayon for 2 months now, I am increasingly concerned about the safety of it. I can be approaching a junction / roundabout and a large icon of a foot appears on the dash. No matter how hard I depress the accelerator, the car won't go.

It did it a couple of weeks ago when joining a motorway, which was the most alarming, tying to join a busy motorway. The image of the foot appeared, the car wouldn't move. This is dangerous in any situation, never mind when joining a motorway.

I am terrified to drive this now, I am just waiting for someone to run into the back of me. I can be at a roundabout and it happens, the car behind will be expecting me to move off and I can't because the engine won't go.

I haven't approached the dealer yet as they are useless.

Has anyone else experienced this? I do think these cars should be withdrawn until this is rectified.

Re: Issues with clutch

Posted: Mon Mar 14, 2022 7:27 pm
by sylo
Hi there, the wife is waiting to pick ours up at the end of the month( Bayon preimium trim, auto. Is yours auto because the headline says issues with clutch. Anyroad it sounds like your motor is going into limp mode where it losses power to prevent doing damage to the engine, only a guess mind as i am not a mechanic. I had problems with my original dealer ( Jeep) with a very similar problem, so changed dealership and problem fixed.